Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Party like a Real Housewife

Last night we went to the Boy Meets Girl runway show which was off site and part of New York Fashion Week, ie not MBFW. It was a shit show getting in through the door, no organization, and a flood of people all claiming to work for Elle....

A flash of an IMG media badge and in we went, luckily. We scurried past the check in desk, took a brief photo for Page Six and took my front row seat. I was A couple seats down from Danielle Staub from The Real Housewives of New Jersey who came with her youngest daughter. Moments later Ramona Singer of The Real Housewives New York took her seat across from me on the other side of the runway.

Natasha Bedingfield sang, took her front row seat, the models walked in their hipster clothes, and the show came to an end. The items were cute, a little too casual-meets-Allston for my taste but some of the iems were cute. I liked the shorts over tights look along with some of the leggings, one pair which had a faux fur cuff on the bottom giving the appearance the fur was part of the bootie the model wore. The event was also attended by Kat DeLuna, and Miss J from ANTM; if there were more, I didn't recognize them.

After the event, we skipped over to Jill Zarin (The Real Housewives of New York) for her debut of Skweezw Couture, a line of shape wear and undergarments. I figured Ramonoa would be coming in behind me but she was never spotted. Jill looked fabulous sporting a rose colored Herve Lerger dress, the same one I had pulled for StyleWeek's founder the month prior, along with a top of the head bun similar to the one she sported for her runway walk in friend Zang Toi's show.

Next in the door was LuAnn (Housewives New York). We were escorted back into a private area to enjoy our cocktails as everyone was hanging out by the entrance. A few moments later Jill took to her table on the other side of the back room, LuAnn the one in between, and after that Sonja (Houswives New York), and Dina Manzo (former Housewives of New Jersey). I also spotted Andy Cohen who did not come into he back room, I think he peered back to try and spot Jill, then ran off to find her. Friends Alex and Simon came in and I had the pleasure of meeting some of their friends off the camera. We enjoyed chamagne and even a little dancing and discussed with Dina her new show on HDTV. Also spotted was Todd English and his up-and-coming designer girlfriend and Zang Toi whose show I had the privilege of seeing nights earlier.

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