Monday, February 7, 2011

B by Brian Atwood

Did you hear the news about Brian Atwood launching a lower priced shoe and possibly clothing collection? The news broke during last season's fashion week but it's become a hot topic again because the collection is set to launch for Fall 2011 and that's the only season worth mentioning at the moment with MBFW around the corner.

Brian's deal with The Jones Group is said to feature flats and "mid" heels instead of the 120-140mm heels he is known for. Speaking of, why anyone bothers with the 120mms is beyond me, go big or go home! (wink)

I have heard conflicting reports of the shoes costing in the realm of $100-$500 and another which stated $200-$600 but you get the idea. The high end price ticket would be for boots and the low end I assume, flats.

First Look from WWD:

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