Sunday, February 13, 2011

New York Fashion Week continues....

We are on to day four, where has the time gone? I took in a few shows with one of our assistant stylists yesterday and we had such a good time! She was able to come with me to three of the shows I had that day and thus got a chance to see a good sampling of different fall themes, colors, MBFW venues, and the whole experience. We finished the day with a fashion party on the Empire Rooftop which was more like a scary dance party, but entertaining none the less.

Today has been one of the better days though it didn't start out that way. I was too ill this am to attend Derek Lam and slept through the morning shows. By the time I got with it, Ryan decided to take me on a stroll to the one place that cures most, Bergdorf Goodman. Lunch at BG, shopping on 5f, and plenty of Nice/Monaco inspiration to keep me busy for the rest of the cold winter months.

After shop therapy, I bounced back and got back to the grind of fashion week: some of the days highlights included Tory Burch, Yoana Barasdhi, and Max Azria back to back. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Ben Jorgensen and behind his lovely girlfriend, Katrina Bowden. Also in front of me: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rose McGowan, and Sophia Bush. Sophia was super sweet as she picked up on some of my side comments about making funny faces in the background of the photos (she laughed and thought it was a good plan) and Jennifer Love Hewitt had the best response to an interviewer I had heard all day: "what are the top three things you can't do" "not eat!" fabulous response in the wake of all the tabloid photos from that bathing suit picture. She looked slim and smoking hot in a bright red dress.

Sophia Bush, Katrina Bowden, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lynn Collins, Tika Sumpter

The show was tailored and again came the vision of feathers. One look featured a leather vest with feather lined interior. Us ladies loved it and I whispered to Ryan wondering if it were reversible as well. SOLD!

After a brief appearance at DVF (bolting by former Zoe associate Brad Goreski and Andy Cohen who looked SUPER slim!) I stopped by the Mercedes Benz Star Lounge and home for a Ginger Ale and some afternoon blogging: here we are!

Okay bitches, got to run; a brief nap is needed along with a wardrobe change before the evenings shows and dinner hot spot date. Catch you later!


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