Monday, January 31, 2011

Harpy hits the runway during StyleWeek Providence

Day 5 kicked off with Jennifer Greeke's debut runway show during StyleWeek Providence. The Gloucester designer created her collection around work-conservative meets romantic edgy pieces including suits, party skirts with removable tulle skirts, and one-of-a-kind dresses. I am OC with these first two pictured looks!

Having an extensive resume, the Parsons and NYU graduate spent most of her career in costume design including work on movies which would make a movie star's jaw drop. Her love for creativity and fine fabrics lead to the creation of simple silhouettes in wearable yet unique styles that feature Harpy's signature fisherman's net, black ink drip, and full skirts. The first image pictured below was featured on FOX Providence's Rhode Show for its wearability from day to evening: pair the skirt with a sleeveless top at night with tulle, remove the tulle and wear as pictured (minus underskirt) for daywear!

At StyleWeek, Jennifer Greeke's items were paired with a mix of pearls and shimmering Swarovski crystals to match the juxtaposition of Harpy's line.  Keeping in line with contradiction, even the pearls were selected in theme: wearable art designer Brelyn Spindel creates pearl necklaces which are either white pearls with one black pearl on the strand or vice-versa. Known for her unique silver work, Brelyn designs each strand with an artwork clasp meant to be worn in front like a pendant. All of Harpy's looks featuring pearls showcased the clasp in the intended way however the closing dress featured a deep, open back which I am SO obsessed with which was a perfect opportunity to showcase the unique silver clasp draped down the nape of the models neck.

Both the pearls and the sparkles portrayed an "out of the sea" touch which picked up on Jennifer's roots and influence.

Photos compliments of Todd Lee Photography

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kara Wickman's F/W 2011 Collection Oui

On January 17th, guests arrived to the Biltmore Hotel’s ballroom for day two of StyleWeek Providence’s famed fashion week.  With opening night having kicked off with New England designers Sam Mendoza, Avni Trivedi, and Sarah Prost, fashion week attendees already had high expectations for the day two. Opening the evening was Rhode Island-based designer Kara Wickman who created her self-titled fashion label for its runway debut during StyleWeek.

Her debut collection “Oui” is comprised of office-ready separates, playful cocktail dresses and rompers, along with silk satin ball gowns. Her initial inspiration came from the timeless corset top, a sensual yet sophisticatedly structured piece whose silhouette is slimming on almost any frame. With a modern take, Wickman added hidden zippers and kept the notion of the back lace for ornamental detail, making her items as easy to wear as they are flattering.

Kara Wickman’s collection hit the runway on leggy models sporting big hair and the revival of the beehive. Styled with satin gloves, tea hats, and chokers, the models walked to French pop and carried an air of playful mystery. Anyone who knows me knows that I am OC with tea hats! I look for any opportunity to purchase a new find which gets to come out of storage for styling opportunities. Kara Wickman's collection was a perfect opportunity to feature some of our collection favorites.

One collection highlight is a cocktail party houndstooth dress with fine lace overlay. The dress features a playful A line skirt and also featured a thin black leather belt at the waist to add in a touch of extra detail. The black and white ensemble was paired with a large red flower in the hair along with red patent leather shoes to add contrast.

While most of Wickman's looks are transitional from day to evening, one easy switch is a purple tweed blazer and skirt paired with a silk Asian print fabric in bright purple, red, and gold with keyhole neckline. Barely seen beneath, the model tossed the blazer over her shoulder at the foot of the runway revealing what might as well have been a cocktail dress.

Most of the looks were styled featuring Poetic License shoes whose playful designs complimented the essence of the designer’s vision. The black satin bootie is my favorite and looked great with skirts, rompers, and pants. Keeping true to the line's flirty nature,the platform and heel featured black glitter to add sparkle as the models sashayed down the runway.

Didn't get a chance to see Kara Wickman's line at StyleWeek? Lucky for Boston, Wickman will be previewing her Oui collection at The Liberty Hotel's Fashionably Late this upcoming Thursday! Join Wickman on February 3rd for a night of fashion and cocktails while being the envy of your friends for knowing what's hot for Fall 2011 while stores are just starting to get in Spring!
Admission is complimentary, RSVP now.
Visit Kara Wickman's website for more information and where to buy.

Photos compliments of Michael Cress Photography

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

StyleWeek: Day 2

StyleWeek Providence kicked off day two with newcomers to the StyleWeek scene, Kara Wickman and Maria Del Carmen Mercado, both based out of Rhode Island. Coming off the opening night high, Kara Wickman had a high bar to raise; Sunday's shows were met with an applauding success and a full house. Showcasing around 20 looks each, both designer's fall collections depicted a strong, sophisticated woman utilizing rich fabrics.

Debuting her first collection, Kara Wickman has a lot on her plate; already a mother of a young child, Kara is due with her second child within the next few weeks. In addition to expecting, Kara expertly created a collection entitled "Oui" inspired by the corset top. Utilizing amethyst, onyx, gold, and ruby, Wickman's collection included every wearable silhouette from gowns to daytime suits. Inspired by the Parisian chic woman, she designed each item as wearable staple pieces able to transition on their wearer from day to evening. Her show kicked off the evening and received a standing ovation, the first over for StyleWeek January! Wickman's collection was not just superb for a newcomer designer, but would have been equally well received had she been designing runway collections fulltime for years!

Maria Del Carmen Mercardo showcased a collection of silk satin dresses in hip season colors. Utilizing green, orange, gold, black, and blue, her flowing collection included wearable separates in addition to colorful headscarves. Her collection was soft and delicate yet powerful.

In addition to the two runway shows of the evening, Jeff Lahens held a fashion presentation while Chantal Ambroise sang to the buzzing cocktail hour. Showcasing the designer's signature bespoke suits, rivaled designer jackets included Boston Red Sox and New York Yankee's blazers in addition to some non-denominational suiting.

Photos coming soon, check back for day three!

Monday, January 17, 2011

StyleWeek Providence: Day 1

After months of planning, StyleWeek Providence kicked off it's January installation on Sunday. Three designers debuted their A/W 11 collections on the opening night with 12 more scheduled throughout the week.

The doors opened and a packed house filled the ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel. Guests had the privilege of viewing the creations of Sam Mendoza, Avni Trivedi, and Sarah Prost in addition to the mixing and mingling of a pre-runway show cocktail hour as well as an open-to-the-public after event soiree right outside the hotel's ballroom.

 Sam Mendoza kicked off the evening featuring leggy ladies clothed in his signature silk satin draped gowns. Darker colors, texture, and the addition of some fabulous coats made his signature line fall ready for the effortless chic. Indicative of his designs, Mendoza mixed mellow with drama, pairing low key music with teased hair which created the base of the mood for his runway show.

This black satin gown flatters the curves of this mysterious model

The textured cape made for a nice addition to this soft, romantic piece

The rich textured look of this dress is fresh for fall

Sam emerges, energetic, after his parade of models

For the second show of the evening, Avni Trivedi's line Avni showcased Warrior Queen, a collection made of rich natural fabrics, all organically died in her native India. Her looks were edgier than her former spring collection but remained true to her overall aesthetic. In a palate of grey, orange, and purple, the collection was comprised of structured jackets, cropped pants, dresses, and a statement making closing gown; a majestic 6-foot-tall glamazon emerged to a new soundtrack wearing a draped gown cinched at the waist.

 A gorgeous necklace from Armor Allure by Magdalena Stokalska increased the drama

A sparkling collar of bronze crystals pulled orange from the hood and radiated under the lights
Erica Lyons added extra touches of glam to this dramatic finale piece

 Avni poses after the final parade wearing her own design

Former statement maker Sarah Prost closed the opening night with a fall collection inspired by vintage furniture. The music set the stage as Victorian music quickly transformed to girl rock, reminiscent of the air behind Coppola's Antoinette. From cropped jackets to wool shifts, Yellow Clover by sarah elizabeth's collection showed that intricate embellishments and easy to wear silhouettes can go hand in hand. A departure from spring's minimalistic nature seen in New York, Sarah reminded us to embrace the impressiveness of structured fashion.

 John Fluevog shoes from the designer's native Vancouver matched the "Victorian with edge" feel

 Rich colors and textures from Poetic License shoes compliment this and many of the other looks
 Statement vintage accessories held true to the inspiration
Yellow Clover's finale gown emerged with a hood which was removed at the end of the runway

Sarah walks with her finale model

Saturday, January 15, 2011

StyleWeek: fashion's latest obsession

It's been a while and I know you've missed me! Sorry for this time apart but we have been busy preparing for the largest fashion week east of New York: StyleWeek Providence. I an sure by now you have heard all about StyleWeek but what you may not know is our involvement. In addition to being the official stylist of StyleWeek Providence, our styling and consulting team has been tackling four runway shows in addition to a fashion installation, and a charity event to benefit the AHA for which we are dressing high profile VIPs; the elite include the lovely Victoria Smith, Executive Director of the American Heart Association, Allison Alexander, anchor for nightly news ABC 6, Loren Petisce, the midday personality for Cat Country 98.1, and Barbara Morse, from NBC 10!

Phew, that is a lot on my plate but I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

For the fashion privileged, I will catch you between runway shows at The Biltmore Hotel. If you won't be in attendance, rest assured that Fashion O.C. will be reporting live from the runway, detailing our every last obsession.

Less than 24 hours until the first model's heel hits the runway, we can't wait!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spotlight on Spring 2011 Runway: Ports 1961

As we turn the corner into the new year we have more to look forward to than resolutions and the start of a new decade: Spring/Summer 2011 fashion! This past September Mercedes Benz Fashion week showcased dozens of designers who previewed fresh looks for the new decade, the overall theme: less is more.

They say fashion is reflective of the times and in the middle of a recession, minimalistic attitudes have been adopted out of a past of excess. Sleek lines and bright accents off of clean pallates, S/S 2011 debuted to the masses making an impact through spots of color and billowy draped silhouettes.
Always a favorite in the media, Ports 1961 took a leap for spring as the design reigns switched with acclaimed Tia Cibani passing the torch to her older sister, Fiona. One of the most exciting parts of walking into the tent for Ports 1961's show is a feeling of knowing the essence of what will take place before the show begins; every last detail of the decor is in tune with the resulting theme. Recalling Ports's A/W 2010 show, the conveyer belt industrial feel from the runway set the stage for the audience before a model had even set foot on the runway in her helmut-style headgear. This season a clean airy room made fashion guests unsure of what would take place. In her debut collection, Fiona took us on a whirlwind journey through western Africa (think desert not jungle), immersing us in a sandstorm only to come out clean, crisp, and refreshed.

The collection included a polished palette of shell, chalk, jet black, and shiny iridescent fabrics paired alongside more vibrant amethyst and emeralds in shapes which cascaded down the windblown models. Utilizing drapes and flowy fabrics, the structure of the garment almost mimicked ripples of sand dunes or even their polar opposite: a vast body of water. With little accents besides a sparse bangle bracelet or neutral non-statement making shoes, Fiona let her collection speak for itself which resulted in a cohesive theme typically seen throughout the Ports 1961 label.

The resulting collection is more flattering to the average women than some of the previously showcased collections. Fall's chunky swearters were Nicole Richie-chic but can loose some translation to the Boston client. For spring, satins and cascades will accomodate almost any body type as they do not cling but highlight cuves in the right places.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Phone your broker

If we die for fashion than I want to be buried in this! Check out this silk satin Alexander McQueen dress which is crafted with couture-like precision. The embroidery screams regal and the red voluminous draping almost feels luxuriously Victorian. Bullion, gold thread, and crystal detailing claim to make this an "investment" piece. If I were to invest in the preservation of my "assets" this dress would certainly make the cut! 

My broker called, she's sold out. Can you say backorder?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Yellow Clover by sarah elizabeth

Looking for something fabulously unique to wear? Check out Yellow Clover by sarah elizabeth, celebrity-worn vintage inspired clothing by designer Sarah Prost. Her Queen of Spades signature gown turned heads at one Grammy industry event and will be sure to catch your attention!

Hello, gorgeous!

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