Thursday, February 24, 2011

DvF apologizes for hiring 15-year-old model-- why exactly?

I remember skimming Twitter and seeing a headline from The Cut saying "Diane von Furstenberg apologizes for hiring 15 year old model." I clicked the link which failed to load on my phone (sometimes the graphics take too long and it just times out) and pondered why she would apologize for that, aren't most models underage? Resting in bed this afternoon from a foot injury, I decided to skim The Cut and saw a follow up post in regards to the DvF issued apology, here is the sitch:

The CFDA advises designers on procedures for hiring models to ensure they are healthy in an effort to limit the amount of eating disorders, etc. Of course designers are not required to follow this guideline but it is a well-intentioned effort from the CFDA, of which Diane von Furstenberg is the president. Apparently Furstenberg penned a letter this season advising designers to not hire models under the age of 16, a whoops when she found out one of her models turned 16 next month. From her apology:

One of the guidelines, as you know, is not to hire models under 16 in addition to making sure that all of them are properly fed.
Well, it is to my horror, that I discovered last Friday that in spite of me repeating that to my production and casting people, one girl slipped through the cracks. One girl who will be 16 in March walked my show last week!
I was horrified and terribly embarrassed. From now on I will instruct my casting people to demand ID’s. I encourage you to do the same.
Please accept my apology. I am trying to be a good leader and set an example…so please please accept my apology.

What do you think? Should more designers adopt these suggestions? After all the model in question, Hailey Clauson, is the face of Gucci and has walked for Z Spoke by Zac Posen, Calvin Klein, and Adam the season prior not to mention Lanvin, Versace, Hermes, and Miu Miu to name a few more of the big names on her resume.  Would not hiring young girls help with the image and health?

at least she LOOKS older than 16!

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