Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mercedes Benz fashion week is here!

It's that time again and the weather couldn't be colder! Come on, mother nature- must you make us suffer for fashion?? My adorable (winter) shorts outfit had to be promptly replaced with a fabulous Daniela Corte frock underneath a feather vest. If the birds aren't cold, maybe I won't be either!

So here's the scoop: models tripped all over their clubbed feet this morning during Nichoas K and BCBG was oddly quiet. I rushed in with the Elle and Vanity Fair crowd, lucky for me they held the doors for the editors. Pictures of BCBG coming soon but I will say, I felt more at home than I did with their Spring 2011 collection.

Chilled to the bone, I grabbed a diet Coke (makes perfect sense) and bolted back to the confines of the Empire. Sorry Richard Chai, the professional photos will just have to do.

I may not emerge again until Duckie Brown which I am super excited about. Some peole think it's strange for a predominantly female oriented stylist to be so excited for Duckie but those have never seen a Duckie show. If anyone could make me wish I were a man, it would not be an experiment with Scarlett would be some london street tailored menswear...a true stylist through and through!

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