Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fashion vs. Style

Fashion Week in New York is always a great time to be reminded the difference between fashion and style. When Fashion Week comes to Lincoln Center (same as it did to Bryant Park) everyone seems to come out of the wood work wearing all sorts of outfits. Walking into events, one sees a swarm of bloggers and fashion writers, snapping up image after image of outfits which are half of the time not understood. As many of my friends do, the mantra seems to be snap now and ask questions later as no one wants to miss a chance at a shot.

With the swarm of photographers, many visitors and New Yorkers wake up every morning and put together the most outrageous outfit imaginable for the sake of the camera flash. Don't get me wrong, there is a solid difference between the outrageous with a purpose versus the outrageous to get attention. None the less, the cameras flash and the bloggers and photographers are heard saying "I love your fashion sense"- be it true or not.

But do they ever compliment them on their style? Fashion is right now, of the moment, and likely, just like many of the victims, gone tomorrow. Style is a sense of being, a day after day conscious decision which is not easily imitable. Many of my stylist friends share similar views and the occasional eye roll while we walk to our shows and pass the older gentleman in the painted suit day after day, season after season, wandering and standing around hoping for a photo.

There is a difference between being noticed and being remembered.

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