Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blogging is fashionable!

It certainly has been a while since our last post, I am not going to lie! I would love to keep this updated regularly to get everyone more aware of the fashion related events we have going on, are attending, and the amazingly creative group of designers we are working with.

What's been new: We opened our showroom! We now operate a showroom and designer studio on Newbury Street in Boston. The studio officially opened on August 1st, soft and will be open, grand, in September. We are currently housing four ready-to-wear designers and have a few spots open for more talent. We only accept designers under a juried process but are always open to seeing new lines and collections. We aren't limited to sole apparel designers and have relationships with the industry as it pertains to jewelry, shoes, and handbags as well! For more information:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Current Obsession: Modern Shades of Grey

When looking at resources and pulls for our most recent fashion show at The Liberty Hotel I turned to Modern Shades of Grey to provide the earrings to coordinate with the designer's collection. I selected Modern Shades of Grey because the collection of earrings is eco-friendly in that they create gorgeous fashion forward jewelry using vintage beads-- perfect to match Yellow Clover's vintage inspired womenswear!

As I am obsessed with tassels, I selected many of the styles which featured long dangles. The earrings were an eclectic mix of pink, pastel jade green, and blue. Though I had seen Modern Shades of Grey before, I previously associated the brand with their funky shredded scarves and less with their delicately feminine jewelry.  When I picked up the fifteen styles from the designer I was instantly hooked and felt the need make a home for them in my own personal jewelry drawer. Part of the intrigue: each bead and style has a past history which seems to never go out of style! Check out some of my favorites below:

Light jade green and pearl tassels brightened up this dark vintage ensemble
Black and silver beaded tassels dangled off these vintage blue and cream beads
One of my most favorite pairs, these "rose gold" toned earrings were runway striking
My favorite pair, hard to place on the model and see them "go"!
Pink and gold drop stones featuring rose gold and pearl tassels
I modeled my second favorite pair, a speckled blue stone with green and gold byzantine beads
Designer Sarah Prost paired a black and white pair with her Yellow Clover ensemble

Check out the brand's website to see current offerings. They are always adding new styles based on the newest "finds" so check back often. Remember: each item is unique, get yours before it's gone!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome back...

I am sure you are thrilled at our outburst of blog posts lately, sarcasm. What can I say, I am easily distracted by a slew of sales appointments, fashion shows, and random busts of sunshine mixed with frigid overcast days!

Some exciting news of late: we took on a new team member and I am super excited. With an eye for style, knowledge of all things social media, and overall awesomeness he will be a great addition to team CKP.

Now on to the good stuff: Fashion OC.

Last night we styled a fashion show at The Liberty Hotel for their Fashionably LATE series. The collection of clothing was from Yellow Clover by sarah elizabeth's A/W 2011 line which previously rocked the runway at StyleWeek. Though technically fall the audience at Fashionably LATE seems to embrace the now and so we paired the items with bright shoes in almost every color of the rainbow as well as crystal necklaces in yellow, pink, apple green, mauve, and ocean blue to give it a spring feel. Hair was styled in messy side braids for that laid back picnic look and some models even rocked hippie style beaded headpieces, OC. We also paired the collection with earrings from Modern Shades of Grey, earrings made from unique vintage beads--perfect for the designer's one-of-a-kind, vintage vibe.

The event was packed and the venue told us it was the busiest event they had seen in some time. Of course the models had to balance some changes to their regular routine (the escalators were out of order forcing them to change their catwalk route) but still rocked it like no other. Dynasty Models Nilsa, Sarah Miller, Jennifer Kutt, Anasophia Gartner, and Colby Radomski were amazing, vintage inspired dolls.

A recreation of the dress now owned by Alex McCord of The Real Housewives New York
A leather skirt and leather inset jacket
One of Yellow Clover's most popular items, perfect year round
Vintage wool shift dress
A plaful jumper made from silk linen with chandelier buttons styled with a headpiece made by yours truely
Posting for a photo with the designer Sarah Prost in our new Yellow Clover dresses before the finale
One of two finale gowns styled with a headpiece made from Swarovski crysyals
The closing hooded gown featuring attachable waist skirt, OC
 The closing models from Yellow Clover by sarah elizabeth for Fashionably LATE

Thank you to Todd Lee Photography

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Turning heads

With celebrities like Leighton Meester's Blair Waldorf and Ryan Seacrest's Kardashian Klan, the headpiece trend has been revamped as a trendy way to adorn ourselves and revive tired hair. Nicole Richie's custom designed piece turned so many heads (pun intended) it went into production, selling out within days of their first availability. To lower demand, Nicole Richie's House of Harlow line is offering the "Khloe" piece which has been noted most commonly on her monologues during her series. The brass seven strand coin headpiece was available to ship end of February for nearly $500 at Shop The Trend Boutique.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

chains, chains, chains!

I was made for this necklace by Magdalena Stokalska, I am totally OC! It is purrrfect for pairing with a plunging neckline or even a t-shirt/turtleneck. This runway style necklace is the most fabulous and easy way to take your look from day to night. Seriously, stash this in your car and toss on with your tee when you find you don't have time to run home and change before grabbing that drink.

Though I will warn you, I may have to break into your car!

DvF apologizes for hiring 15-year-old model-- why exactly?

I remember skimming Twitter and seeing a headline from The Cut saying "Diane von Furstenberg apologizes for hiring 15 year old model." I clicked the link which failed to load on my phone (sometimes the graphics take too long and it just times out) and pondered why she would apologize for that, aren't most models underage? Resting in bed this afternoon from a foot injury, I decided to skim The Cut and saw a follow up post in regards to the DvF issued apology, here is the sitch:

The CFDA advises designers on procedures for hiring models to ensure they are healthy in an effort to limit the amount of eating disorders, etc. Of course designers are not required to follow this guideline but it is a well-intentioned effort from the CFDA, of which Diane von Furstenberg is the president. Apparently Furstenberg penned a letter this season advising designers to not hire models under the age of 16, a whoops when she found out one of her models turned 16 next month. From her apology:

One of the guidelines, as you know, is not to hire models under 16 in addition to making sure that all of them are properly fed.
Well, it is to my horror, that I discovered last Friday that in spite of me repeating that to my production and casting people, one girl slipped through the cracks. One girl who will be 16 in March walked my show last week!
I was horrified and terribly embarrassed. From now on I will instruct my casting people to demand ID’s. I encourage you to do the same.
Please accept my apology. I am trying to be a good leader and set an example…so please please accept my apology.

What do you think? Should more designers adopt these suggestions? After all the model in question, Hailey Clauson, is the face of Gucci and has walked for Z Spoke by Zac Posen, Calvin Klein, and Adam the season prior not to mention Lanvin, Versace, Hermes, and Miu Miu to name a few more of the big names on her resume.  Would not hiring young girls help with the image and health?

at least she LOOKS older than 16!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Milly OC: A/W 2011

Milly by Michelle Smith debuted the labels Autumn/Winter 2011 collection towards the end of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Guests walked into the Stage venue and were greeted by a soft backdrop which looked like a cozy tree lined avenue fresh from a new snow. Keeping in theme, the first model stepped onto the runway as if she were strutting across the Upper East Side in a wool hat, knee high boots, leather gloves, and a sophisticated cape coat and pleated skirt; the cape coat featured slits at the arm which showed off the shape of the body as well as bright yellow flash of color to compliment the outfit as the model moved her arms.

This season the Milly sophisticate is all about sherbet orange matched with reds, fuchsias, and other jewel tones including emerald green. One ensemble paired together sherbet orange, salmon, fuchsia, and red with black accents in a bright, sunny cohesive look against the grey and muted snow covered backdrop. The collection also featured black, camel, and mixes of charcoal and grey. Fluted skirts and pieces that move were at the core of the collection as many items featured subtle ruffles, long pleats, sheers, and even some lace which danced down the runway. Adding to the lux color palate, Michelle Smith added in Mongolian lamb, tweed, corduroy, and plaid patterns to offset the delicate nature of the collection.

In terms of cohesion, Mily’s Autumn/Winter collection was aspirational; it told the story of the ladies of the Upper East Side mixed in with retro undertones which kept it contemporary. Milly’s collection is not necessarily geared towards the Brahmin of New York; though it touches on the lifestyle of the most affluent neighborhood of the city, it is more reminiscent of Blair Walforf’s Olivia Palermo. From young adult to contemporary middle aged woman, the collection offered a lifestyle along with fresh, cheerful fashion for this upcoming winter.

I love you, Tins, but your head is in all of my shots!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Party like a Real Housewife

Last night we went to the Boy Meets Girl runway show which was off site and part of New York Fashion Week, ie not MBFW. It was a shit show getting in through the door, no organization, and a flood of people all claiming to work for Elle....

A flash of an IMG media badge and in we went, luckily. We scurried past the check in desk, took a brief photo for Page Six and took my front row seat. I was A couple seats down from Danielle Staub from The Real Housewives of New Jersey who came with her youngest daughter. Moments later Ramona Singer of The Real Housewives New York took her seat across from me on the other side of the runway.

Natasha Bedingfield sang, took her front row seat, the models walked in their hipster clothes, and the show came to an end. The items were cute, a little too casual-meets-Allston for my taste but some of the iems were cute. I liked the shorts over tights look along with some of the leggings, one pair which had a faux fur cuff on the bottom giving the appearance the fur was part of the bootie the model wore. The event was also attended by Kat DeLuna, and Miss J from ANTM; if there were more, I didn't recognize them.

After the event, we skipped over to Jill Zarin (The Real Housewives of New York) for her debut of Skweezw Couture, a line of shape wear and undergarments. I figured Ramonoa would be coming in behind me but she was never spotted. Jill looked fabulous sporting a rose colored Herve Lerger dress, the same one I had pulled for StyleWeek's founder the month prior, along with a top of the head bun similar to the one she sported for her runway walk in friend Zang Toi's show.

Next in the door was LuAnn (Housewives New York). We were escorted back into a private area to enjoy our cocktails as everyone was hanging out by the entrance. A few moments later Jill took to her table on the other side of the back room, LuAnn the one in between, and after that Sonja (Houswives New York), and Dina Manzo (former Housewives of New Jersey). I also spotted Andy Cohen who did not come into he back room, I think he peered back to try and spot Jill, then ran off to find her. Friends Alex and Simon came in and I had the pleasure of meeting some of their friends off the camera. We enjoyed chamagne and even a little dancing and discussed with Dina her new show on HDTV. Also spotted was Todd English and his up-and-coming designer girlfriend and Zang Toi whose show I had the privilege of seeing nights earlier.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Herve Leger and Bibhu Mohapatra

The Herve Lerger show by Maz Azria show was interesting, the colors were more spring than some of the other collections showed (sand, ivory, nude, burnt orange, and black) but featured hash compliments by utilizing lots of metal accents and leather panels. There were more separates this year in the non-bandage fabrics (wool looking pants, a fur looking jacket, etc.)

After Herve, I stepped out for a quick glass of wine in the lobby and then went into Bibhu Mohapatra only to find out they were serving wine in the presentation room as well! You win some, you lose some ;)

Bibhu Mohapatra put together an amazing collection- the items, the accessories, the positioning, all amazing. There was even a fog maker in the room which added to the mystery but did make flash photography a little difficult. Lucky for me the room was well lit! After making the rounds I made an immediate showroom appointment and left impressed.

From there I sent the rest of he afternoon shopping and found a fabulous pair of leggings which I am wearing now. I missed J Mendel unfortunately (why all the cabs are off duty during rush hour is beyond me...) and am enjoying a cocktail before running to Chelsea for off sight shows this evening. First: Boy Meets Girl where I will have to get the sitch from Sammie Sweatheart and then off to Jill Zarin's collection all before the Boy Meets Girl after party.

Catch you later, xoxo

Hair or nails? Decisions, decisions...

I'm here at Lincoln Center, chilling out by the TRESemme lounge pondering if I should get my hair done or if a new manicure is in order from Essie. Thankfully I had a fresh coat put on at the Derek Fabulous lounge earlier in the week and it hasn't turned offensive yet.

I have made the fashionable decision to hold off on Bibhu Mohapatra which is in the presentation box until after Herve Lerger. Herve starts at 2pm, so by 2:45pm I should be out and ready to run into Bibhu which goes on until 3:30. Fashion Week strategies must be painted suit guy just walked right by me, aimlessly of's choice? A once-white suit painted in colors which would be accentuated under a black-light.

Fashion vs. Style

Fashion Week in New York is always a great time to be reminded the difference between fashion and style. When Fashion Week comes to Lincoln Center (same as it did to Bryant Park) everyone seems to come out of the wood work wearing all sorts of outfits. Walking into events, one sees a swarm of bloggers and fashion writers, snapping up image after image of outfits which are half of the time not understood. As many of my friends do, the mantra seems to be snap now and ask questions later as no one wants to miss a chance at a shot.

With the swarm of photographers, many visitors and New Yorkers wake up every morning and put together the most outrageous outfit imaginable for the sake of the camera flash. Don't get me wrong, there is a solid difference between the outrageous with a purpose versus the outrageous to get attention. None the less, the cameras flash and the bloggers and photographers are heard saying "I love your fashion sense"- be it true or not.

But do they ever compliment them on their style? Fashion is right now, of the moment, and likely, just like many of the victims, gone tomorrow. Style is a sense of being, a day after day conscious decision which is not easily imitable. Many of my stylist friends share similar views and the occasional eye roll while we walk to our shows and pass the older gentleman in the painted suit day after day, season after season, wandering and standing around hoping for a photo.

There is a difference between being noticed and being remembered.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New York Fashion Week continues....

We are on to day four, where has the time gone? I took in a few shows with one of our assistant stylists yesterday and we had such a good time! She was able to come with me to three of the shows I had that day and thus got a chance to see a good sampling of different fall themes, colors, MBFW venues, and the whole experience. We finished the day with a fashion party on the Empire Rooftop which was more like a scary dance party, but entertaining none the less.

Today has been one of the better days though it didn't start out that way. I was too ill this am to attend Derek Lam and slept through the morning shows. By the time I got with it, Ryan decided to take me on a stroll to the one place that cures most, Bergdorf Goodman. Lunch at BG, shopping on 5f, and plenty of Nice/Monaco inspiration to keep me busy for the rest of the cold winter months.

After shop therapy, I bounced back and got back to the grind of fashion week: some of the days highlights included Tory Burch, Yoana Barasdhi, and Max Azria back to back. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Ben Jorgensen and behind his lovely girlfriend, Katrina Bowden. Also in front of me: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rose McGowan, and Sophia Bush. Sophia was super sweet as she picked up on some of my side comments about making funny faces in the background of the photos (she laughed and thought it was a good plan) and Jennifer Love Hewitt had the best response to an interviewer I had heard all day: "what are the top three things you can't do" "not eat!" fabulous response in the wake of all the tabloid photos from that bathing suit picture. She looked slim and smoking hot in a bright red dress.

Sophia Bush, Katrina Bowden, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lynn Collins, Tika Sumpter

The show was tailored and again came the vision of feathers. One look featured a leather vest with feather lined interior. Us ladies loved it and I whispered to Ryan wondering if it were reversible as well. SOLD!

After a brief appearance at DVF (bolting by former Zoe associate Brad Goreski and Andy Cohen who looked SUPER slim!) I stopped by the Mercedes Benz Star Lounge and home for a Ginger Ale and some afternoon blogging: here we are!

Okay bitches, got to run; a brief nap is needed along with a wardrobe change before the evenings shows and dinner hot spot date. Catch you later!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mercedes Benz fashion week is here!

It's that time again and the weather couldn't be colder! Come on, mother nature- must you make us suffer for fashion?? My adorable (winter) shorts outfit had to be promptly replaced with a fabulous Daniela Corte frock underneath a feather vest. If the birds aren't cold, maybe I won't be either!

So here's the scoop: models tripped all over their clubbed feet this morning during Nichoas K and BCBG was oddly quiet. I rushed in with the Elle and Vanity Fair crowd, lucky for me they held the doors for the editors. Pictures of BCBG coming soon but I will say, I felt more at home than I did with their Spring 2011 collection.

Chilled to the bone, I grabbed a diet Coke (makes perfect sense) and bolted back to the confines of the Empire. Sorry Richard Chai, the professional photos will just have to do.

I may not emerge again until Duckie Brown which I am super excited about. Some peole think it's strange for a predominantly female oriented stylist to be so excited for Duckie but those have never seen a Duckie show. If anyone could make me wish I were a man, it would not be an experiment with Scarlett would be some london street tailored menswear...a true stylist through and through!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Launch: Magdalena Stokalska

Check out this collection of armor for l'amour! Magdalena Stokalska created her debut collection showcasing crystal, amethyst, jade, among other gorgeous materials in a selection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Featured on the runway during StyleWeek Providence, the collection fit in nicely with fellow Boston designer Avni whose collection, the warrior queen, required pieces which were strong enough to compliment her bold designs.

Many of Magdalena's creations feature metal fringe and chains in collars and chokers which can instantly glam up a casual outfit or tee. Her statement making pieces are also a great way to make a much loved and worn LBD look fresh and new.

For press and sales, inquire here.

What ever happend to standard sizing?

What happens when the last known pair of the most adorbs shoes arrives and it's nearly 1/2 a size too small? An emergency trip to the shoe doctor! I have been having very bad luck lately with my footwear:

 Tear. Far too pretty to send back, the toe bed needs to be expanded.

the LAST pair as seen on KimK and NickyH, my instep does not share our mutual love

I hope these fit disasters are only limited to shoes as I have a "final" sale pair of fabulosity trousers arriving tomorrow and if they don't fit, I am seriously going to be the naked girl in the Bluefly commercials...New Yorkers beware!

B by Brian Atwood

Did you hear the news about Brian Atwood launching a lower priced shoe and possibly clothing collection? The news broke during last season's fashion week but it's become a hot topic again because the collection is set to launch for Fall 2011 and that's the only season worth mentioning at the moment with MBFW around the corner.

Brian's deal with The Jones Group is said to feature flats and "mid" heels instead of the 120-140mm heels he is known for. Speaking of, why anyone bothers with the 120mms is beyond me, go big or go home! (wink)

I have heard conflicting reports of the shoes costing in the realm of $100-$500 and another which stated $200-$600 but you get the idea. The high end price ticket would be for boots and the low end I assume, flats.

First Look from WWD:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spring's minimalism equals my wallets maximum

I must say I have found it a challenge to shop Spring's trends. Large billowy styles just aren't a flattering fit for someone with large boobies and a booty to match. Many of the not-waist-defining silhouettes appear to add lbs to an otherwise slim physique.

Flash back to September when I was in New York for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: sitting amongst the various stylists, editors, and bloggers at shows such as BCBG, Ports 1961, Cynthia Rowley, Charlotte Ronson, Betsey Johnson, among many more. The highlight of my week were some of the eveningwear designers: Edition by Georges Chakra and Jenny Packham. The main difference? The gowns were in spring colors, some even in florals, but all showcased the female's best assets as opposed to many of the other designer's sportswear which seemed to trend loose and sheer.

As a stylist, I feel almost awkward searching the major stores (Neimans, Saks, Bloomies, Bergdorfs, and Nordys) ready to spend the dough but not locating anything flattering. With New York Fashion Week rapidly approaching, what is a girl to do??

Instead of wearing a shape which will make me feel less than confident I have instead opted for the fall sale racks, scooping up vintage inspired tops, pleated trousers, and velvet shorts. I do love draping, and loose fitting open cardigans fit in nicely with my shape defining under tops, ways in which I can add in Spring's new trends. My theme for February Fashion Week will be winter shorts over trend tights, pleated front trousers, a sequin pants jumper, and Haute Hippie's finest sequin tops all ordered with next day arrival. For shoes, I added in a leopard print lace up bootie along with a pair of oxfords, a bold move for my normal 5-inch-heel-only rule. Let's see how a pair of flats will fly...Of course all my old favorites of Gryphon, Louboutin, Choo, Atwood, and DVF will join in the trip to the Big Apple.

Coming from a stylist, the trends for spring seem fresh and uplifting in "the hills are alive with the sound of music" kind of way. Consumers will enjoy painted florals and plenty of shapes to move around in. Hell, most will hide any of that winter weight gained. For others who find their shapes are hidden by the trend, opt for belts, belts, belts, along with more bottoms than tops for which you can pair with your favorite cami or tee underneath an open top or cardi. Lest us also not forget the maxi trend favorite is back and even expanded into skirts. I am OC with this maxi from Haute Hippie in silk, keeping the shape sophisticated and classy. The slight mermaid shape also keeps this maxi from going prairie...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 SAG Awards: OC or Burn Immediatly?

I hope you enjoyed the 2011 Screen Actor's Guild Awards! I enjoyed watching the red carpet, sipping champagne and judging the hits and misses. Let's face it: midway through award season the bar has not been set to all-time high after the Globes...The lack of bling and showstopping dresses left us fashion hungry wanting more. Are you fashion filled after the SAGs? Lets take a look!

After all my jewelry complaints, I have to admit that Nicole Kidman looked fantastic in a Nina Ricci dress, Manolo Blahnik shoes, and a Prada clutch but she really could have payed tribute to Coco Chanel's cardinal rule of "remove an accessory before leaving the house"! Her Fred Leighton necklace cut into her neckline and looked out of place.

Natalie Portman dressed cute for her bump but the outfight might have well been a burn immediately with the express she had on her face; her plastered smile looked to painstakingly scream "get me the eff out of here!"

Black Swan's seductress Mila Kunis looked sensually fabulous in a red print Resort 2011 Alexander McQueen chiffon gown. I am OC with the slim belt around her waist and the $300K worth of Cartier jewels adorning her. Her wavy tousled locks totally worked the look and kept her fresh and relevant.

Making a statement for things other than her high profile divorce, Eva Longoria hit the red carpet in a 2011 couture Georges Hobeika gown which loosely draped over her lady parts in an effort to show Tony what he is missing. The asymmetrical nature of the dress looked off and boyish. 

Dianna Agron looked smoking in a midnight blue with black lace Chanel Haute Couture tea length dress while everyone else wore gowns (and one in pants!). As one can never go wrong with Chanel, she paired the frock with smoky eyes, Ferragamo pumps and clutch, along with Fred Leighton jewels.

True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld is young but her Prada Resort dress made her look like a stick of Fruit Stripe Gum on the red carpet. FYI: dress and nail polish matching NOT required. The black straps on the gown also appeared to give an unwarranted nod to the 90s.

Another look for which I am OC:
January Jones made one "best" list in her gold and black Carolina Herrera gown. Her head to toe look was demure, a departure from her Fifth Element red dress catastrophe. 

Toping the list to be burned immediately? 
Glee's Jane Lynch looked like she walked off the set's prom episode in a lavender Ali Rahimi and a Swarovski clutch, photographed below with her wife.