Monday, January 3, 2011

StyleWeek backed by CFDA

Though everyone has heard of Fashion Week in New York, few other places in the world are associated with major fashion weeks. Paris, of course, Milan, yes, but few other United States locations command a fashion presence with the country's press, buyers, designers, and fashion addicts other than the Big Apple.

Though other area locations run small scale fashion weeks, few have been able to tap into what makes Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York so successful: production value and public relations. Coming from the styling world, I encounter many individuals who are not versed in the ins and outs of proper public relations let alone production. Fashion shows, let alone fashion weeks, require thousands of dollars, money that many designers do not have in their disposable monetary fund. To make the investment worth while, fashion shows needs to accomplish one if not two things: brand awareness and sales.

Out of the middle of nowhere this past June, StyleWeek in Providence, RI single-handedly blew most area fashion weeks out of the water. The founder, Rosanna Ortiz Sinel, comes from a solid background in public relations. Her team includes members who understand designers needs, social media marketing, buyer attendance, press generation, and production. All it took was the determination to execute a seemingly simple vision; the result: one major fashion week reminiscent of the early stages of Bryant Park.

Ambitious as the week was, StyleWeek returns this month where 15 designer runway shows will showcase FALL 2011 collections, unheard of outside of the fashion capitals of the world. Local as well as nationwide boutique and department store buyers will have the opportunity to preview fall merchandise from fresh sets of eyes even a month before the season will debut in New York.

The line up includes Project Runway alum Jonathan Joseph Peters, clients Sarah Prost (Yellow Clover by sarah elizabeth), Kara Wickman, Jennifer Greeke (Harpy), and Avni Trivedi (Avni), as well as fashion veterans Daniela Corte, Samuel Vartan, and more. In addition to the 15 runway shows, the week will also feature several fashion presentations, after event soirees open to the public (yes, the fashion shows are invite only), an accessory showcase open to the public, and a charity event: the Go Red StyleWeek Challenge to benefit the American Heart Association for which tickets are on sale through StyleWeek's website.

The festivities run from January 16th-22nd, 2011, hope to see you there!

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